Overwatch 2 artwork and logo for the free-to-play competitive shooter

[Update #2]: Overwatch 2's next hero, the dual chaingun wielding Mauga, is fully playable until November 5th. After that, he'll be launching alongside Season 8 on December 5th.

[Update]: Overwatch 2's Anniversary Event 2023 has arrived with 'free' cosmetics and reruns of popular events.

In a bit of an unexpected announcement, Blizzard has just revealed that they're planning to bring a "selection" of their games to Steam. The free-to-play, competitive shooter Overwatch 2 will be the first one to test the waters as it'll be launching onto Steam this August 10th.

“It’s our goal at Blizzard to listen to players and try to exceed their expectations in everything we do,” explained Mike Ybarra, President of Blizzard Entertainment. “While Battle.net remains a priority for us now and into the future, we’ve heard players want the choice of Steam for a selection of our games, starting with Overwatch 2 on August 10th. We’re happy to work with Valve to make that happen.”

Much like the other platforms, the Steam version of Overwatch 2 will require players to create or log into a Battle.net account in order to play. As a consequence of this Overwatch 2 will have full cross-play between the various versions, so aside of the usual Steam features like achievements, the friends list and the in-game overlay, there should be no noticeable difference regardless of what platform you decide to play on.

If you're curious what other games will be making the transition to Steam, I'm afraid Blizzard hasn't announced anything about that just yet. That said, considering some of Blizzard's classics are currently available on GOG, I think it's a safe bet to say that those are highly likely to appear onto Steam at some point, and with them probably their remasters.

Once more information becomes available, or once Overwatch 2 finally lands onto Steam, I'll make sure to let you know. Until then, you can check out Overwatch 2's freshly launched Steam page.