Mass Effect Legendary Edition official artwork and logo

[Update]: Mass Effect Legendary Edition has now been unleashed without too many technical issues or bugs!

Mass Effect Legendary Edition will be heading over to PC and consoles on May 14, 2021 with remastered versions of all three games in a tow. You can expect to see support for 4K resolutions, improved textures and character models, updated shaders and lighting, as well as all of the DLC already bundled in.

Perhaps most importantly of all, the Legendary Edition will also bring with it a whole host of gameplay improvements and quality of life fixes. While many of these will be targeting the original Mass Effect in order to bring it up to the level of the rest of the trilogy, pretty much all of the games will be getting some nifty new features.

For example, in the original Mass Effect Shepard will be able to sprint out of combat in order to make navigation faster, while melee attacks will be bound to a separate button rather than occur automatically based on proximity. Mass Effect 1's weapons as a whole will be getting reworked in order to make them more consistent and pleasant to use, while still keeping that RPG-first gameplay feel intact.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition gameplay screenshot of the Mako vehicle

As expected, the Mako will be undergoing a serious overhaul

When it comes to the floaty bouncy castle known as the Mako, the Legendary Edition will be recreating it from the ground up. The end result should be an all-terrain vehicle that feels weighty, yet is still capable of climbing over just about anything if you're particularly stubborn about it. And best of all, the new Mako will come with built-in thrusters to give it a major speed boost on demand, which should make roaming across the desolate planets a fair bit of fun.

There will also be a whole bunch of improvements to the customization options throughout all three games, with a focus on making Shepard have a consistent appearance all the way through. But if you prefer to change things around every once in a while, it'll still be possible to completely recreate your appearance at the start of each game.

This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to gameplay changes, so if you're interested in seeing just what BioWare is planning for the Legendary Edition, you should check out the latest developer update. Enjoy!