Mass Effect artwork for the Legendary Edition

If you were itching to give the Mass Effect series another playthrough, or perhaps dive in for the very first time, you'll be happy to hear that the new and improved Mass Effect Legendary Edition has now been unleashed. It brings with it remastered versions of all three games, all of the various pieces of DLC, as well as plenty of gameplay improvements and quality of life changes.

Rather than babble on, allow me to share with you the recently posted comparison trailer. It should give you a pretty good idea of just what has changed and how much better the Legendary Edition looks. Have a gander:

With a massive universe to explore, plenty of fun companions and some of BioWare's best writing, Mass Effect was and still is an awesome experience. All the Legendary Edition has really done is polish up what was already there and re-release it in one nice, compact package. So as far as I'm concerned, once the initial bugs get sorted out, the Legendary Edition will certainly be the best way to play Mass Effect moving forward.

The only downside of the Legendary Edition is that Mass Effect 3's surprisingly catchy multiplayer is not included. So if you're planning to give that one a try, you'll have to launch the original game and go through there. A bit of an annoyance to be sure, but on the positive side there is still a fair few people playing it!

You can learn more about the Legendary Edition, as well as keep an eye on the aforementioned updates, over at Steam. Have fun exploring the universe!