Fallout 76 screenshot of the new Cosmos armor set

[Update]: Fallout 76 devs have revealed their plans for major updates all throughout 2022.

Now that the dust has settled from the recent and rather chunky Wastelanders expansion, Bethesda is once again starting to look towards the future of Fallout 76. In order to keep everyone in the loop, as well as detail some of the upcoming features and the reasoning behind them, Bethesda has now released the 2020 roadmap.

The biggest new addition will be the Seasons system, Bethesda's take on the classic Season Pass. The inaugural Summer Season will be free for all players and will feature 100 ranks to climb though, all of which will unlock some sort of reward. These rewards can be anything from scrip and caps, to unique outfits or weapons skins, with the more exciting items being locked away behind higher ranks.

Progressing through the ranks will involve you completing a variety of daily and weekly challenges, though even these will be going through a bit of an overhaul. The revamped challenges will be significantly more straightforward and easier to complete, so even if you only have a tiny bit of time to play per day, you should still be able to make a decent amount of progress.

Besides the very first season, the summer update will also add legendary perks, the ability to easily find public teams, as well as a new legendary boss event. There will also be a variety of events to tide you over until the fall update which will introduce an all-new questline revolving around the Brotherhood of Steel, as well as new daily operations that offer scaling rewards. The final update revealed so far will be coming in winter with perk loadouts, the ability to build instanced interiors for your camp, as well as new and highly repeatable expeditions.

You can learn a little bit more about these additions, as well as keep an eye on any future announcements, over at the official website.