Battlerite official artwork

Battlerite, the spiritual successor to Bloodline Champions and a top-down brawler with an entirely skill based PvP system, entered into Steam Early Access back in September. Unlike most games that grace Early Access with their presence, I found Bloodline Champions (link to the review) to not only be surprisingly well polished, but also incredibly well balanced for what is essentially an early beta!

A month has passed since then, and already Battlerite is getting its first major update. The appropriately named Halloween Update (0.8) brings with it two new heroes, a night version of a popular map, plenty of Halloween cosmetics, as well as a whole ton of balance and gameplay changes aimed at making all of the heroes more fun to play. As I said, its a rather major update!

If you're interested in reading all of the details, especially when it comes to the hero changes, you can find all that you seek over here. On the other hand, if you would like to learn more about the two new heroes: Jumog - The Beast Hunter, and Ruh Kaan - The Crypt Warder, you'll find their incredibly cheesy preview videos right below. Enjoy the videos, and give Battlerite a try if you're into these sort of PvP games, its incredibly well made.