Battleborn's official artwork

While its unfortunate given that Battleborn is by no means a bad game, there is no denying that it has fallen quite heavily behind when it comes to playerbase, at least on PC where such numbers can be observed. Thankfully, it does appear that Gearbox is still not giving up on Battleborn as they have recently added three new competitive maps, and soon a brand new hero as well.

The second of the post-launch heroes is going to be a sneaky aquatic assassin that likes to call himself Pendles. He hails from the same water-world as Alani, the previously released hero, and while she mostly focuses on supporting her team Pendles is a much more proactive character given that he can sneak behind enemy lines and use either poison or big ol' knives to simply dispatch any high priority targets. If you enjoy preying on the weak and hate seeing other people have fun, you'll be happy to hear that Pendles will be entering Early Access tomorrow, with an official release set for August 4.

As for the previously released maps, each of them covers one of Battleborn's multiplayer game modes so no matter what style of play you enjoy, there should be something for you. I haven't personally tried them just yet, mostly because I'm still going through an Overwatch binge, but from what I hear these are some of the best maps Battleborn has. This is certainly good news, but it shouldn't come as much of a surprise given that each mode previously had a grand total of two maps...

On a slightly different note, the recent patch also brought with it a greatly improved spectator mode and an easier way to stream your gameplay over Twitch. While I have my doubts that Battleborn is ever going to acquire a competitive scene, its still a nifty addition as it should allow for the easier creation of videos and hopefully bring Battleborn back into the spotlight, at least little bit.

If you ever wanted to give Battleborn a try but didn't feel like dropping €60 on it, its currently a part of the Humble 2K Bundle 2, so now is your best chance as you will also get a whole bunch of games along the way, some of which are among my favorites.

Battleborn's summer costumes