Alani is a new hero to join the Battleborn roster

Gearbox will be rolling out a whole bunch of new characters for their FPS/MOBA hybrid Battleborn over the next few months, starting with the combat-orientated support Alani.

She hails from a planet almost entirely cowered by oceans, and as such most her powers revolve around the use of water to either dish out pain onto the enemies, or to heal her fellow Battleborn. More details, and an official hero preview video will be available on the 24th, but for now, here's what we do know:

Alani will be arriving to Season Pass holders on May 24, starting at 9am PDT for all regions, while the rest will be able to purchase her with in-game currency on May 31.

The way the unlocking process works is quite interesting. Instead of simply buying the hero you're interested in you will need to purchase a key to unlock them with... I know, its completely revolutionary! On a more serious note, once the hero you unlocked has reached max level your previously spent key will be completely restored and able to be used for the purchase of another hero... now that is revolutionary!

In other news, Battleborn will be holding a double XP event from Friday until Wednesday, so if you feel like zooming through the ranks and unlocking a whole bunch of new heroes, this would be the time. Speaking of time, the event will start on Friday, May 20 at 8am PDT, and end at Wednesday, May 25 at 8am PDT.

Battleborn itself came out a couple of weeks ago, and even though it might seem to be in direct competition with Blizzard's Overwatch, its more of a MOBA game than an FPS. It certainly has a couple of annoying flaws, most notably in the matchmaking system, but as I mentioned in my review I found it to be a rather enjoyable experience once I got the hang of the mechanics.

However, before you even think about spending money I would recommend you check if there has been some sort of an update to the way the game punishes leavers, because when I played almost no match ended properly because people are little babies and leave the moment things go south.