Battleborn screenshot of the Supercharge game mode

In an effort to prevent a slow and painful death Battleborn devs have recently turned to the free-to-play model as a solution. And in order to further revitalize the playerbase they have now released a rather sizable update that contains an entirely new game mode and maps exclusive to it.

Supercharge pits two teams of three players against each other in a fast-paced race, though not the kind you would expect. Instead of running through checkpoints yourself, the goal in Supercharge is to escort minions through gates in order to earn points, while also fighting to control a single central capture point. This capture point is what gives Supercharge its name since the team that controls it will reap the benefit of supercharged minions, which as you might imagine makes escorting them a much easier prospect.

Besides all of the new gameplay ideas, the one key difference between Supercharge and all of the other game modes is the large amount of available shards. In other words, you can expect people to march in with much higher-end gear than what you're used to, which should hopefully add a bit of an interesting dynamic to the whole proceedings. Oh, and naturally, there will also be a whole bunch of new Bots to purchase with shards, including some that will grant you considerable amounts of points if they ever reach their destination.

The Supercharge Update is already live on PC and consoles, and if you would like to learn more I would recommend heading over to the official website. Have fun!