Battleborn artwork for the free trial

Despite launching with some severe problems Battleborn has never been a bad game. What was bad about it, however, was the marketing that closely linked it to Overwatch despite the two games being about as different as two shooters can possibly be. While Overwatch is a pure team-based shooter Battleborn is more of a hybrid between a shooter and a MOBA, with all of the mechanics and gameplay ideas based around that fact.

As such, I am very glad to say that Battleborn has finally gone free-to-play, which should hopefully revitalize its constantly declining playerbase. To be more specific, Battleborn is not free-to-play, it just has an infinite Free Trial that has all of the elements of a free-to-play game, but with a much more misleading name that might push new players away for no reason! Battleborn may have changed for the better, but its marketing remains as bizarre and misguided as it ever was...

So how does the free-to-play model work? Well, you have full access to all four competitive multiplayer modes and all of the maps that come with them, a rotating roster of free playable heroes, as well as the same character/account progression you can find in the full game. As you would expect, if you want to unlock new heroes you will be able to do so with either in-game credits or real money. Long story short, if you've ever played a free-to-play game you know exactly how all of this works. Its a little bit grindy, but you'll be just fine without spending a dime.

If this sounds like something you would like to try, simply head over to Steam (or the standard marketplace on consoles) and you'll be playing in no time. On the other hand, if you need a bit of an introduction to Battleborn and the type of characters you'll get to play with, you'll find the relatively old "Bootcamp" trailer right below. Enjoy!