Apex Legends artwork for Lifeline

[Update]: Apex Legends has detailed all of the additions and balance changes coming in with Season 9, and yes, this includes the Lifeline rework!

[Update]: The War Games update has now brought in five new limited-time events.

Ever since her original rework, Lifeline has been in a bit of a tricky spot when it comes to balance. She is nearly worthless in higher ranks because all of her abilities require the team to be at a major disadvantage in order to do anything, while in the lower ranks her ability to resurrect someone over and over again can feel nearly impossible to punish.

So in order to sort this little problem out, Apex Legends will be launching another Lifeline rework with the upcoming Season 9. While the exact details haven't been announced just yet, Respawn is looking to remove Lifeline's resurrection shield, and in return give her increased tactical healing speed, as well as make her ultimate give guaranteed upgrades.

Needless to say, this announcement has sparked a rather heated debate among the community, with many seeming to believe that this is a massive nerf to Lifeline. Personally, I think it's a step in the right direction, even if Lifeline does end up needing more work afterwards.

Like I said at the very beginning, Lifeline's biggest problem is that she's entirely reactive and thus a liability against good opponents. So swapping some of her power from reactive abilities to proactive ones could do her a world of good. Whether these changes in specific are the correct ones, however, that I'm not exactly sure of.

Whatever the future might bring, I'll make sure to let you know once Season 9 gets properly announced. Until then, have fun with the current version of Lifeline!