Apex Legends screenshot of the new Olympus map

[Update #2]: Apex Legends has now landed onto Steam alongside the massive Season 7 update, though not without major problems.

[Update]: Respawn has detailed all of the Season 7 balance changes and additions.

The upcoming Season 7 update will be one of the biggest Apex Legends has ever seen. Not only will it add the beautiful floating city of Olympus as a new map, but there will also be a new squad-based transport vehicle called the Trident, a new gravity-bending legend by the name of Horizon, the very first guild/club system, as well as whole bunch of balance changes and cosmetics. It really is going to be a big update!

If you're curious what some of this might look like in action, most notably the new Olympus map and Trident transport, then you might want to check out two of the recent trailers. The first is an animated one showing off Horizon's personality and some of the story, while the second one is all about the actual gameplay and the locations you'll be able to visit throughout Olympus. Have a gander, both are pretty fun:

The good news doesn't end there, however, as the Season 7 update is nearly upon us. All of this new content will be making its way to the PC and console versions of Apex legends on November 4, 2020. And as a little extra bonus, November 4th will also be the day Apex Legends finally makes its way to Steam!

You can read more about these upcoming changes, as well as keep an eye on Season 7's imminent launch, over at the official website. For now, however, you might want to play the two existing maps a few more times as I have a feeling Olympus will be the focus for quite a while. Have fun!