Apex Legends trailer artwork for Revenant

After a couple of rounds of teasers, Apex Legends' Season 4 update has now finally arrived. It brings with it Revenant as a highly aggressive new legend, a battle pass filled with all sorts of cosmetic goodies, a new bolt-action sniper rifle, as well as some highly needed changes to the World's Edge map.

As you might guess from the original trailer, Revenant has a rather interesting set of abilities. His passive allows him to crouch walk faster and climb higher up walls, while his active ability is a grenade that deals damage and disables all enemy abilities for 10 seconds. The ultimate takes the cake, however, as Revenant drops a totem that protects both him and his teammates from death. Instead of simply getting downed, those affected by the totem will return to it with 1 health, which means you can play as aggressively as you want, as long as the totem itself is safe.

You can get a pretty good idea of what all of this looks like in action, as well as what the new map changes are all about, through the newest gameplay trailer. Have a look, it's a pretty good one:

The Season 4 update has also brought with it an assortment of balance changes and tweaks. There's far too much to summarize, so if you're curious about which weapons are going to be top-tier this season, you'll find the full patch notes over at Reddit.

Finally, I'll leave you with the Season 4 Battle Pass trailer. It'll give you another little sneak peek at some of the map changes, as well as a closer look at all of the fancy new cosmetics you can collect. Have fun!