Apex Legends official artwork for the Season 14 Hunted sniper focused legend Vantage

[Update]: Apex Legends' Season 14 has now arrived alongside a sizable balance and quality-of-life focused update.

If you're looking for an excuse to dive back into Apex Legends, the Season 14 - Hunted update seems like a pretty good one. Once it arrives this August 9th it'll bring with it a new long-range focused Legend Vantage, rework Kings Canyon in order to address many of the community criticisms, increase the level cap so even veterans can earn new rewards, and as is tradition, add the usual batch of improvements and cosmetics.

Since she's the definite highlight of the update, allow me to share with you a brief rundown of Vantage's abilities, as well as what they look like in action. First things first, she'll have three unique abilities at her disposal, one of which is passive:

Spotter's Lens (Passive)

Aiming while unarmed or with mid to long range scopes will present you with a bullet drop indicator that shows where your shots will land.

Echo Relocation (Tactical)

You can first position your little bat companion, and then later launch yourself towards it. Perfect for a quick getaway!

Sniper's Mark (Ultimate)

You are able to mark enemy targets and apply a damage bonus for you and your entire team.

As for Kings Canyon, besides shaking up the map a bit and making it fresh and interesting again, the goal was to solve a couple of major issues: the small map size, the constant third-partying and the loot disparity between locations. In order to sort this out, the new Kings Canyon has added or expanded a variety of areas, closed off some pathways in order to make rotations more meaningful, as well as improved loot quality and quantity across most major locations.

The changes are fairly sizable, and seem to be going in the right direction, so I must admit I have a lot of hope for this new version of Kings Canyon. You can read about the details, as well as Season 14 in general, over at the Apex Legends website.

Enjoy, and I'll leave you with the brief gameplay trailer showing off some of the new additions.