Apex Legends artwork showing off Ash

[Update #2]: Season 11 "Escape" has now arrived, and so far it's been a remarkably smooth launch.

[Update]: Apex Legends' new Season 11 preview highlights Ash and the new monster-infested Storm Point map.

While we're still in the early days of its reveal, it seems like Apex Legends' Season 11 update "Escape" will be a rather chunky one. Not only will we be getting Titanfall 2's antagonist Ash and the C.A.R. SMG alongside the usual batch of balance changes and cosmetics, but also a lovely, tropical new map to roam around in!

The details are unfortunately still few and far between, though you can get a pretty good impression of what's coming through two of the recent trailers. The first one is a story-focused animated short showing off just what Ash is all about, while the second one is more of a 'fun' romp across the new island. Have a little peek:

If you're willing to believe the recent leaks, however, then I can also tell you what Ash's abilities will be. Her passive will show the locations of deathboxes, as well as mark the killers for a short time after interacting with a deathbox.

Her active ability will throw out a slow-moving snare that will damage and immobilize the first target it hits, while her ultimate will quickly open a one-way portal in order to facilitate speedy escapes. Whether all of this will remain exactly as written by the time Ash launches, that I honestly don't know, so treat everything with a grain of salt for the time being.

Once the gameplay trailer goes live on October 25th I'll make sure to let you know. Until then, you can read a little bit more about Season 11: Escape over at the Apex Legends website.