Apex Legends Wattson looking quite happy and smug

[Update]: Respawn has now once again tweaked the out-of-circle damage.

Apex Legends' most recent update has brought in numerous bug fixes and balance changes, a variety of challenges and cosmetics, as well as the very first time-limited mode - the Elite Queue. As you might expect given the name, the Elite Queue only allows those that have been Top 5 in the previous game to queue up, after which they need to once again achieve Top 5 status in order to continue playing in Elite Queue.

While certainly a fun new mode to mess around with, especially when you have a couple of friends at your side, the Elite Queue does have one massive problem - camping. After all, if the entire goal is to survive until you're one of the last five squads remaining, why would you risk losing your streak by doing silly things like fighting enemies or leaving your fortified little house?

Thankfully, Respawn has realized just how much of a problem this is, and have now introduced greatly increased 'circle' damage in order to counteract it. And when I say greatly increased, I'm really not joking as even the very first circle will now take off 15% of your health per each tick of damage! A relatively small change, but one that I feel is going to have quite an impact on how Elite Queue matches play out! 

As for the future, you'll also be glad to hear that Respawn will soon be releasing a patch to fix the various server issues that cropped up recently. So if you're like me and you're constantly getting the stupid "leaf" error, this upcoming update should sort it out. 

Once more details become available I'll make sure to let you know, but until then you can also check out which bugs Respawn is currently working on fixing, and what exactly they're bringing in for Season 2. It's quite a list!