Apex Legends screenshot of the Shadow Royale game more from the Halloween event

[Update #2]: Apex Legends' massive Season 7 update is bringing in a new map, legend, vehicle and even guilds.

[Update]: Apex Legends will be making its way to Steam this November alongside a couple of exclusive cosmetics.

Last year Apex Legends had a pretty cool idea for a Halloween event. After landing in a nighttime version of Kings Canyon, players would engage in a massive free-for-all brawl, with the losers rising from their graves as melee-only shadows that only exist to hunt down the living players. Eventually the living players would need to set aside their differences, face off against the shadows, and try to flee the map before things get too nasty.

Unfortunately, due to the solo nature of the event, there were quite a few problems. While the living players would spend most of the game camping in order to avoid dying, shadows would leave the game in large numbers as they simply didn't see a point in continuing. And so, what started off as a great idea, ended up being a bit of a mess.

Thankfully, the Fight or Fright 2020 event is bringing in some noticeable changes to the game mode. First and foremost, it will now be a team-based mode where fallen players will be able to not only fight alongside their teammates, but help revive them as well. In order to make things even more exciting, shadows will now be able to wall-run, which should make their melee-only playstyle a lot more engaging, as well as flashy!

As is tradition, you can also expect to see a whole bunch of cosmetics, both new and returning. What these cosmetics actually look like, that you can find out through the recently posted trailer. Have a gander:

Fight or Fright 2020 will be going live later today, on October 22nd. You can read a little bit more about it, as well as keep an eye on its upcoming launch, over at the Apex Legends website. Enjoy!