Apex Legends screenshot of Wattson looking happy

[Update #2]: Apex Legends' Season 2 update has now arrived, and so far it's pretty good!

[Update]: Respawn has now released a video preview showing off all of the major Season 2 features!

If you've been playing Apex Legends for a while now, chances are you're well aware that not all weapons are born equal. Guns like the R301 and R99 are incredibly accurate while spitting out insane damage, while guns like the Mozambique, P2020 or Flatline are so pathetic compared to their competition that you're going to chuck them away the very first moment you can. Not exactly ideal!

Thankfully, it would appear that Respawn has finally given up on the whole "weapon tiers" idea as they have announced they will be doing a weapon rebalance for Season 2. In other words, not only will the lowly Alternators and RE-45's of the world be viable past the initial drop, they might even become end-game weapons thanks to the new hop-ups!

The newly announced Disruptor Rounds (Alternator, RE-45) greatly increase weapon damage against shields, while the Hammerpoint Rounds (P2020, Mozambique) greatly increase unshielded damage. While the details are still few and far between, it seems like that the currently weak weapons will be getting a second life as a highly specialized tool, and that is something I can certainly appreciate as it doesn't make them overlap with the other weapons.

Care packages will now also contain a new legendary item - the L-Star rifle

Besides the new hop-ups, the update will also add Energy Mags for the Havoc, Devotion and Triple Take, while most likely reducing their initial ammo capacity. Better yet, once the update arrives energy ammo will stack up to 80 which should give you a lot more inventory space to play around with, as well as hopefully increase the amount of energy-wielding players to loot throughout the game!

You can also expect additional buffs to the Kraber, Flatline, P2020, Alternator, and Triple Take. Right now Respawn hasn't announced just what they're planning to do with these weapons, but we shouldn't have to wait for too long for an explanation as Season 2 is launching this July 2nd.

To learn a little bit more about the weapon changes you should head on over to Reddit, while those of you curious about the content and changes coming in with Season 2 can find out more in my previous overview.