Apex Legends artwork featuring Bloodhound

[Update]: Apex Legends' next major update has now added even more cosmetics, as well as greatly reduced weapon muzzle flash!

While the World's Edge is quite fun after all of the changes that arrived alongside the Season 4 update, I must admit I still miss the Kings Canyon map. It felt a lot smaller and action-packed, so if you're like me and hate running aimlessly for long periods of time, the southern parts of Kings Canyon were perfect as they just about guaranteed a ton of action.

With that in mind, I'm quite pleased to say that Kings Canyon will soon be making a glorious return to Apex Legends, albeit not in the shape you might expect. Instead of the Season 2 variant with the leviathans stomping around, the upcoming Kings Canyon event will bring back the original Season 1 map with all of the locations still intact!

The actual details are unfortunately few and far between, but it seems like the event will be going live within a couple of hours. The whole thing will last until February 24th, so while it's not the lengthiest event around, it should still be a good bit of fun, especially for new players who might not be familiar with the original Kings Canyon.

You can keep an eye on the update's status, as well as any further developer announcements, over at the official Twitter.