Apex Legends artwork showing the new character Octane

After an insane amount of leaks and quite a few teasers from Respawn themselves, Apex Legends' very first Battle Pass has now finally been revealed. Once it arrives tomorrow (March 19th), it will set you back 950 Apex Points (around $10) and offer you the ability to earn a variety of cosmetic skins for both characters and weapons, as well as a chance to refund your entire purchase by fully climbing through all of the experience-based ranks.

Besides the Battle Pass itself, there will also be a couple of free items to unlock, a brand new character by the name of Octane to play around with, and perhaps most importantly of all, balance changes that will hopefully make some of the bigger characters less fragile. The patch notes are still unavailable, but you can read a little bit more about the Battle Pass, as well as check out the rewards, over at the official website.

Apex Legends screenshot of skins for Mirage, Lifeline and Wraith from the first Battle Pass

The character skins are a bit... disappointing

While I still plan to grab the Battle Pass as a way to thank Respawn for the hours of fun they've provided me so far, I can't help but feel like the whole Battle Pass is just terrible. The vast majority of the rewards are complete fluff, while the skins themselves are not only just boring recolors, but the exact same boring recolors! There's literally only two interesting skins in the entire Battle Pass, and both are for weapons people barely use because there are simply better alternatives at every point in the match. I can only hope the future Battle Passes will have a lot more work put into them, because this one sure feels like it was rushed out of the door as quickly as possible.

Whatever the case may be, once Respawn releases some more information about the Battle Pass or its accompanying patch, I'll make sure to let you know. Until then, however, all we can really do is sit and wait for the patch to arrive. Personally, I can't wait to play Pathfinder again without feeling like a bullet magnet!