American Truck Simulator screenshot of a lovely Idaho mansion

If you've explored every nook and cranny American Truck Simulator has to offer and you're still itching for more, then you'll be glad to hear a brand new DLC is on the way. As the title would suggest, the new DLC will have you roam across Idaho, a state most famous for its mountainous landscapes and large stretches of both farmland and wilderness.

"The state covers two time zones, runs from Canada to Nevada, and encompasses the western side of the continental divide of the Rocky Mountains," continues the brief DLC announcement. "Rivers, mountains and farmland dominate the state’s landscape. The panhandle has emerald green hillsides, timbered mountains and pristine lakes. Central Idaho is covered with jagged peaks. The Snake River Plain, with its wide open vistas, irrigated farm lands and vibrant cities forms the character of Southern Idaho."

American Truck Simulator screenshot of rural Idaho

Expect to see a whole bunch of rural areas

Idaho has only just been announced, and as such there are unfortunately no details on what exactly the DLC will bring with it, as well as which cities will make an appearance. Similarly, the price tag hasn't been revealed either, but judging by the previous DLCs, I think it's highly likely that Idaho will set you back $12.

You can keep an eye on the Idaho DLC moving forward, as well as check out a few more screenshots, over at Steam. And if you're interested in American Truck Simulator itself or its previous DLCs, it's also worth mentioning that they're currently on a deep discount as a part of the Steam Winter Sale. Have fun!

American Truck Simulator screenshot of the Idaho mountainside