Dark Souls 3 screenshot from the Ringed City DLC

If you've finally managed to make a bit of headway with your gaming backlog, I'm afraid it's time to nullify all of that progress and add a few more great games onto the piles. In other words, Steam's absolutely massive Winter Sale has now arrived, and with it a whole assortment of games have gone on rather steep discounts.

Since there is basically no way to give you a brief overview of every quality game on sale, allow me to share a couple of stand-out deals, mostly from games I've been playing religiously throughout 2019. Here's my small list:

• Dark Souls 3 (-75%) 
• XCOM 2 (-75%)
• Fallout New Vegas Ultimate Edition (-70%)
• Monster Hunter: World (-60%) 
• Total War: Warhammer 2 (-60%) 
• Vermintide 2 (-70%) 

Besides the sale itself, Steam is once again running a holiday themed event that offers you a chance to earn discount coupons and various cosmetics. The whole thing is fairly simple, complete quests or purchase games on sale and you will receive Festivity Tokens. You can then go to the Holiday Market and exchange those tokens for cutesy little cosmetics for your account, or pile them up for €4,50 discount coupons.

Not the most exciting event in the world, but considering that €4,50 can probably net you a really solid indie game during the sale, it's actually not that bad. It's certainly not something I'd spend a lot of time worrying about, but if you're already planning to shop on Steam, it's definitely worth a closer look.

Have fun with all of the new games, or rather collecting a whole bunch of new unplayed games if you're like me!