MTG artwork for the Harness Infinity card by Seb McKinnon

[Update #2]: The spell-focused Strixhaven expansion has now arrived, and as expected, the draft format is delightful!

[Update]: MTG Arena is reducing the best-of-one sideboard size from 15 to 7 cards with the launch of Strixhaven.

MTG Arena will be getting the heavily spell-infused Strixhaven expansion on April 15, 2021. As you might expect by now, Strixhaven will bring with it a whole host of new cards to play around with, most of which will be themed after the five magical colleges: Lorehold (Red/White), Prismari (Blue/Red), Quandrix (Green/Blue), Silverquill (Black/White), and Witherbloom (Black/Green).

If you're curious what exactly these cards have to offer, as well as sort of theme each of the five colleges will focus on, you'll be happy to hear that Wizards of the Coast has now finally revealed every single card! You can check them out over at the Strixhaven image gallery.

However, in sharp contrast to some of the previous sets, Strixhaven will also come with an additional 63 Mystical Archives cards. These are some of the most interesting and powerful cards throughout Magic's history, and while most of them won't be eligible for Standard play, a good majority of them will be legal in Historic and Brawl formats! You can take a peek at those over at the Mystical Archives image gallery.

It's also worth mentioning that these Mystical Archives cards won't be taking the place of standard Strixhaven cards. Instead, they will simply be a guaranteed bonus in every single pack, be this a pack you open during draft or one you unlock through simply playing the game. So while collecting all of the Mystical Archives cards might be a tricky proposition given their rarity, you should still end up with a fair few of them by the end of the set.

To learn more about Strixhaven's world and characters, as well as to keep an eye on any future announcements, you should head on over to the MTG website. Enjoy!