MTG Arena artwork for Murders at Karlov Manor

[Update]: MTG Arena's next set Outlaws of Thunder Junction is coming April 16th alongside 3 batches of bonus cards.

Once it arrives this March 5th, MTG Arena's Alchemy: Karlov Manor mini-expansion will bring with it 30 new cards to toy around with. Much like the previous sets, these will help beef up some of the currently underplayed deck concepts, add a couple of goofy cards to brew with, as well as introduce a brand new mechanic to explore - Incorporate.

"A card that incorporates adds an additional mandatory mana cost to another card, and that second card gains additional attributes/text. Incorporate perpetually adds an additional casting cost to that card, adding any new colors from that cost, and adds abilities/text to that card for the rest of the game."

Or to put it slightly simpler, Incorporating a card means giving it an additional effect and color, in exchange for having to pay a higher cost. Quite a neat little concept, and definitely something I can see expanded upon in the future.

As for what exactly Incoporate looks like in action, as well as what the rest of the cards are all about, that you can check out at the freshly posted card gallery. And just as a little teaser, here's my favorite card from the new set:

MTG Arena Alchemy: Karlov Manor screenshot of my favorite new card Ominous Lockbox

The good news doesn't end there, however, as the Alchemy: Karlov Manor set will be accompanied by a small balance patch. Fragment Reality will now only be able to target things an opponent controls, so no more boring Leyline combos, while the cost of the omnipresent Geological Appraiser will be going from four mana to five.

Have fun brewing up new decks!