Warhammer 40k: Darktide Pskyer using the Assail ability

[Update #2]: Darktide's Patch #14 has brought in yet another massive batch of balance tweaks.

[Update]: Darktide's Patch #13 has now arrived, and I'm happy to say it's already looking quite amazing!

In order to help spice up the launch of the Xbox version on October 4th, the Darktide team is planning to release the absolutely massive Patch #13 alongside it. While the full list of changes has not been revealed just yet, the definite highlight of the update is the addition of RPG-like talent trees for all four classes which will bring with them all sorts of new abilities and playstyles to explore.

For example, the Psyker will be able to choose between three different 'ultimate' abilities: a powered up version of the current one, a chunky psychic shield that blocks enemy ranged attacks, or a ridiculously powerful buff that will have you dish out insane amounts of damage while constantly building peril. However, you can slow down the peril build up by securing kills, so as long as you're aggressive enough it looks like you'll be able to keep the buff going for a very long time.

As for the grenades, let's look at the Ogyrn for a couple of examples. You can take an upgraded version of the current box that explodes into a shower of grenades upon hitting an enemy, a giant rock that 'recharges' every 60 seconds, or most excitingly of all, a comically oversized bomb that deals an equally comical amount of damage!

Since words alone simply aren't good enough at illustrating all of these new toys, allow me to share with you the freshly posted teaser trailer instead. Have a gander, it's a rather fun one:

If you're looking for the exact details and numbers behind each addition, you'll be pleased to hear that Fatshark has revealed most of them over at the official website. It's not an exhaustive list, however, and some of the stuff might not make sense without additional context from the other talents, but it should at  least clue you in on just what the Darktide team is trying to do.

Have fun speculating about new builds, and I'll make sure to let you know once Update #13 actually arrives as I'm quite excited myself.