Darktide official artwork showing off the Psyker's Assail ability

[Update #2]: Darktide's Patch #15 has added the first Carnival map and expanded the Veteran's skill tree.

[Update]: Darktide will be giving PC players a fancy set of armors as a way of saying thanks.

As a part of the recent Patch #13 Darktide added RPG-like talent trees with new abilities and 'grenades' for all classes to mess around with, as well as a massive array of balance changes for both the players and the enemies. Unsurprisingly, given the sheer number of tweaks that happened at once, the balance didn't end up being exactly perfect. Some abilities like Assail were so strong they could basically solo the game on the lower difficulty levels, while some weapons like the classic shotgun were left with such a low damage output that pretty much nobody used them.

So in order to sort these problems out, as well as to spruce up the gameplay even further, Fatshark has now unleashed Patch #14 with yet another massive batch of changes! The highlights include sizable buffs to the Plasma Gun that allow it to pierce through an insane amount of enemies, stronger and less numerous melee elites like Crushers and Ragers, as well as a much tougher time for players trying to speedrun missions while leaving their teammates behind.

While most of the changes are straight up buffs to underutilized weapons, there are some nerfs in here as well. As is to be expected, the Psyker's Assail ability and Voidstrike staff have been weakened, though thankfully both seem to be quite powerful even after the changes. Similarly, the Veteran's infinite ammo bullethose has been toned down, as has the Ogyrn's Point Blank Barrage ability and its fast-stacking fire debuff.

I've played a couple of missions since the update arrived, and the one build I would highly recommend trying out is the freshly buffed knife zealot. The combination of the harder hitting combat blade, more reliable throwing knives and a significantly stronger revolver is a dream to play with. You're fast, you hit hard, and most importantly, you always have the ability to revive and save your allies regardless of how badly they've messed up. It's a ton of fun!

But enough rambling from me! You can check out the full list of changes, as well as the exact numbers behind each one, over at the official forums. Enjoy!