Age of Empires II: Lords of the West artwork and logo

[Update]: The Lords of the West expansion has now been unleashed, though not without some technical problems!

It's truly astonishing how even though Age of Empires II is as old as dirt this point, it not only still has hordes of loyal fans, but is also soon getting a brand new piece of content! And I'm not talking about small bits and pieces either, but rather a fully fledged expansion for Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition called Lords of the West!

You can expect Lords of the West to bring with it two new civilizations (Burgundians and Sicilians) with their own unique twists and units, as well as three fully voice acted campaigns for you to sink your teeth into. As for what exactly these three campaigns will be about, that you can find out through the brief description below:

Edward Longshanks - A bitter hostage of rebel barons, Edward Longshanks vows to reclaim his birthright and lead a shattered England to unprecedented heights of prestige and fortitude. A shrewd commander and cunning politician, his merciless methods are effective yet amoral. Follow him as his thirst for power and glory takes him throughout England, Wales, Scotland, and even on Crusade! In this campaign, you will play as the Britons.

The Grand Dukes of the West - For decades, the dukes of Burgundy have been embroiled in a bloody struggle over control of the mad French king using their cunning, military prowess, and immense wealth. However, as the blood that they spill is paid for with blood of their own, their focus turns increasingly northwards as they aim to create a kingdom of their own. In this campaign, you will play as the Burgundians.

The Hautevilles - Robert de Hauteville left Normandy in 1047 CE with a small robber band. Within a century, members of his family became dukes in Italy, princes in the Holy Land, and even kings of Sicily. Join these intrepid Norman adventurers as they fuse three cultures into Europe’s most tolerant and sophisticated kingdom. In this campaign, you will play as the Sicilians.

If all of that looks like it's right up your alley, you'll be happy to hear you won't have to wait all that long in order to dive in. To be more specific, Lords of the West will be releasing on the Microsoft Store and Steam this January 26th, 2021 at a fairly reasonable €10 price tag.

You can read a little bit more about the expansion, as well as check out what exactly each new civilization will offer, over at Steam.