Life is Strange 2 screenshot of two brothers watching the sunset

The very first episode of Life is Strange 2 arrived a little while ago to almost universal praise, which as you might imagine, has made players quite anxious to get their hands on the second episode. Unfortunately, it would appear that we're all going to have to wait for a little while longer as Dontnod has now announced that Life is Strange 2: Episode 2 will be arriving in January 2019.

"The Life is Strange series is a project close to all of our hearts and one for which we do not want to rush development and thereby fail to meet the benchmark of quality and emotional impact that you, our players, deserve," reads the brief developer update. "This is why we so far have not announced an official release date - we want to ensure that we will be in a position to release something that we are proud of and that you will enjoy and remember forever."

"We understand that there are certain expectations that episodes will be released at a similar cadence as previous Life is Strange games have. The ambition of Life is Strange 2, however, means that the previous frameworks no longer apply if we are to meet the quality of play and storytelling that our vision for a game like this demands and that you deserve."

While I certainly appreciate the developers striving for quality over quantity, I can't help but feel like purchasing these types of narrative-driven games early on is a bit of a mistake. By the time all five episodes have been completed I think I'll have to replay most of them because it has been too long for me to remember all of the details, and at that point why shouldn't I have just waited for the full game to release so I can enjoy it at my own pace? If nothing else, it has certainly makes me appreciate the fact that the latest Hitman game released with all of the levels available from the get-go!

Once the developers announce an official release date I'll make sure to let you know, but until then you can read a little bit more about Episode 2's arrival over at Tumblr.