Torchlight 3 official artwork and logo

[Update]: After only a few months in Early Access, Torchlight 3 has now been unleashed onto PC and consoles.

Torchlight 3 entered Steam Early Access back in June, and unfortunately it did so alongside mostly negative reviews. The main issue was that it simply didn't have enough content to warrant the price, which considering it's facing off against already well-entrenched ARPGs like Path of Exile and Diablo, left things in a bit of an awkward spot.

A few months and updates have gone by since then, and despite the reviews still being mixed, Torchlight 3 is now slowly getting ready to release in full. You can expect to see it this October 13th on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

As for the actual gameplay, no new trailer has been posted just yet, but you can get a pretty good idea of what Torchlight 3 is all about through one of the recent developer-guided streams. Have a gander:

Personally, I would recommend adopting a 'wait and see' approach for Torchlight 3. As a massive fan of the original I'm really hoping Torchlight 3 will blow me away, but given how troubled its development was and how savage some of the reviews are, I must admit I'm worried it's being released not because it's finished, but because the studio has decided to abandon the idea entirely. So unless you're willing to risk your money, it would be wise to wait for some post-launch reviews to see where exactly Torchlight 3 stands.

You can do so, as well as keep an eye on its upcoming launch, over at Steam.