Gabe Newel as the prophet of sales

Nothing is officially confirmed as of yet, but it seems that the long-awaited Steam Summer Sale is going to start next week, on June 23. This was first rumored back in May when someone supposedly leaked an official Valve message, but since no one could prove anything it simply remained as just that, a rumor.

However, while I can easily see some individual faking a Valve letter in order to mess with people, I highly doubt PayPal is going to stoop to the same level, so I do believe we can consider their short announcement as an official confirmation. As you might expect, given today's day and age, the announcement was made via a short tweet. Here's what it says:

"It’s official: the @Steam_games sale starts 23rd June."

Finally, and while you wait to sacrifice your wallet at the altar of the Steam gods, may I suggest checking out the currently ongoing GOG summer sale. You can grab Pillars of Eternity at 60% off, The Witcher 3 at 50% off, Age of Wonders 3 at 75% off, and a whole bunch of other games at pretty damn good discounts.