Nintendo has shut down the fan made 3d remake of The Legend of Zelda

You have to hand it to Nintendo's lawyers, they react with frankly inhuman speed when it comes to copyright infringements. It took Blizzard years to shut down the biggest private Vanilla WoW server, and here we have Nintendo bringing down the axe within mere days.

As noted on the Zelda Tribute website, the voxel-based 3D remake of 'The Legend of Zelda' has been taken down due to a cease & desist letter from Nintendo, though the developers haven't given up on their labor of love as they now aim to replace all of the sprites with their own originals:

"Hi Everyone! Just wanted to reiterate we are cleaning up this project void of any Nintendo IP and will open source the Git repository for everyone to learn from and mod themselves. The engine will be playable and in tact, just that Moblins will be replaced with triangles and such. Please keep in touch with us on our personal pages for more info. Cheers!"

While I doubt Nintendo is going to be OK with someone copying 1:1 the levels from Zelda, this is still a learning experience for both the developers, and those among you that decide to fiddle with the open source version, so no harm, no foul.

As a final note, please don't be among the few angry people yelling at Nintendo about this. They've done their fair share of stupid nonsense over the years, but this is not one of them as they are practically obligated by law to do so, and if they didn't, there would be dire consequences.

If you would like to follow the 'No-longer-Zelda Tribute' team and the development of their project, you can do so over at Facebook.

The Legend of Zelda voxel remake