The Original Legend Of Zelda has been remade in 3D for browsers

A couple of Zelda fans have decided to undertake a rather intriguing experiment in order to commemorate the 30th anniversary of The Legend of Zelda, and that is to recreate the entire game in 3D through the use of voxels.

Its currently not a full remake, however, as only a couple of levels are available, but if you're up for experiencing an old classic in a new light, head over to the Zelda Tribute website.

Though beware, there are some bugs and broken bits in there, such as the never-ending beeping noise that occurs when you hit low health, and the fact that quite a few areas are somewhat unfinished. The developers are hard at work on resolving these issues, so if you're up for following their progress you can do so at the Zelda Tribute Facebook page.

I doubt Nintendo is going to let this project stick around for very long, so I would recommend you take the chance and give it a try, its an interesting thing to behold.

The Legend of Zelda recreated in your browser