Titan Quest: Eternal Embers artwork and logo

It's quite funny how things work out sometimes. Despite being the underdog even back when it first released in 2006, Titan Quest has managed to make such an impact that now, well over a decade later, there is still enough interest in it to warrant creating a brand new expansion!

The freshly released Titan Quest: Eternal Embers brings with it four new chapters inspired by Chinese and Egyptian mythology, fifteen additional side quests, as well as a massive assortment of new loot to acquire. You can also expect to see a whole bunch of new enemies and bosses, a variety of powerful new potions, and even a brand new mastery - Neidan, a mystical alchemist who uses a deadly combination of concoctions and spells to wreak havoc upon their enemies.

While there is sadly no gameplay preview showing off the new additions, you can get a little bit of a teaser of things to come through the recently posted launch trailer. Have a peek:

Before you dive in, it's very important to mention that the Eternal Embers expansion is only playable on Legendary difficulty. In other words, you're either going to have to play through the game until you reach Legendary difficulty manually, or simply create a brand new character that starts at level 70. Whatever your choice may be, you're going to have to face some rather tough challenges on your journey!

You can learn more about these, as well as check out some of the user reviews, over at Steam. Have fun, and here's to hoping the long-rumored Titan Quest 2 will finally be revealed soon.