• Personal Code of Ethics

    From the moment I first envisioned this website it was my goal to bring you articles that are honest, accurate and fair. As such I have written down my personal code of ethics - a set of rules that I plan to obey at all times in order to provide the best coverage I can:


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    -The email address you register with (or contact me with) will only be used for account functions on this website or to contact you. It will not be sold, distributed or otherwise disclosed to anyone else.

    -The password you use to access your account is encrypted, not even I can access

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    Thank you for helping me make this website a better place! Before I send you off to the contact address please check if the issue is not simply on your end. Try disabling your add-ons (especially ad block or other such blockers) and then try again. If its still appearing send me a message while

  • For Developers

    From the moment I made Gamesear it was my wish to cover the whole range of PC gaming, from the AAA giants to the smallest of indies. However, I am but one man, and despite how amazing I might be there is still a limit to the amount of games I can go over in any given week. Don't let this

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    This page is a hub for all of the contact addresses. Simply select your topic and you will be sent to the relevant section:

    For Developers

  • About the Website

    Greetings and welcome to Gamesear,

    This whole website was born out of my desire to combine everything I enjoy in to one single package, while also not doing any 'actual work' in the process. I've finished university with a master's degree in computer science, so the idea of building a