Vampire Survivors red screenshot with artwork

[Update]: Vampire Survivors devs have revealed their plans for 2023, including new content and the long-awaited engine upgrade.

While Vampire Survivors is an awesome game and one that has occupied far more of my time than I'm willing to admit, it sadly has a pretty serious issue with performance. Once you get a whole bunch of upgrades and start shooting a myriad of projectiles in every single direction, all the while the enemies spawn so quickly the screen can barely hold them all, the gameplay can very quickly devolve into a slideshow.

So in an effort to fix this glaring issue, Vampire Survivors will be getting ported over to a brand new engine this Summer. The exact details have not been revealed just yet, but according to the recent roadmap update things are already looking remarkably good.

As such, if everything goes according to plan you can not only expect the new version of Vampire Survivors to run without a hitch in even the most hectic of battles on PC, but also on the freshly released Steam Deck. And just to highlight how big the improvements truly are, thanks to the new engine Vampire Survivors will also be making its way to mobile platforms at some point in the future!

When it comes to the actual content, you can look forward to Vampire Survivors adding another 9 characters, 16 weapons, 2 power-ups, 2 normal stages and 3 special stages on its road to Version 1.0. Most excitingly of all, the upcoming April update will bring with it Arcanas - a major new gameplay mechanic that will "unlock a whole new level of viable builds and power creep."

Once this next big update arrives I'll make sure to let you know. Until then, you can keep an eye on Vampire Survivors and its progress over at Steam. Enjoy!