Vampire Survivors official artwork and logo

[Update]: Vampire Survivors' May 2022 update has added an in-game shop, a trippy boss fight, and many secrets.

After being teased for a couple of weeks, Vampire Survivors has now finally added Arcanas and with them a whole new level of power creep. To put it simply, Arcanas are gameplay-altering power-ups that can make certain stats cycle between very low and insanely high values, unlock new mechanics like critical hits on specific weapons, or even just make your projectiles explode!

You can pick one Arcana at the very start of the run, and then you'll get to choose from additional ones randomly through treasure chests. There are only six Arcanas to browse through right now, though more will be added in future updates.

In order to unlock the Arcanas you'll need to head upwards on Stage 4 (Gallo Tower) and keep going for quite a while. However, this alone won't be enough as you'll also need to unlock the various Arcanas by reaching level 99 on characters specified in the collection tab. It's going to be quite the journey to unlock everything, but considering how strong even the initial batch of Arcanas is, I would still recommend going for it.

The final thing worth mentioning is that the new character, Giovanna Grana, has found a way to weaponize cats, and it's as hilarious as it sounds! Getting her only requires you to rescue her from the coffin in the Inlaid Library, so while you're leveling your various characters for the Arcanas, go unlock her as well. She really is good fun!

Once the next big update arrives I'll make sure to let you know. Until then, you can read a few more tidbits about the new additions over at Steam.