Vampire Survivors Tides of the Foscari expansion artwork and logo

[Update #2]: Vampire Survivors will be adding local co-op and fully switching to a new engine on August 17th.

[Update]: Vampire Survivors is getting an animated show, along with even more free updates throughout the Summer!

If you're just looking for an excuse to dive back into Vampire Survivors and lose another dozen hours or so demolishing absurd numbers of enemies, you'll be happy to hear that a brand new expansion has just arrived. Tides of the Foscari brings with it a huge new map to explore, 7 new music tracks, 8 new "extremely original and not remotely derivative" characters, 13 new weapons to experiment with, and naturally, a whole host of new secrets to uncover!

Best of all, the whole thing costs barely anything. Much like the first expansion Tides of the Foscari will set you back 2€, or 1,8€ during the currently ongoing launch week discount. By Grabthar’s Hammer... what a savings!

As for what exactly the new map, enemies and characters look like in action, that you can check out through the surprisingly well animated trailer below. Have a gander, it's really is a charming one:

Just like with the first DLC, the Vampire Survivors team has taken this opportunity to announce that the presence of DLC does not mean that the free updates will be going away. According to the brief FAQ, the base game will still be getting new items, power-ups, gameplay mechanics and more added to it as time goes by, so don't feel pressured to grab the DLC if you're not really feeling the contents.

You can check out the full FAQ, as well as learn more about the Tides of the Foscari expansion, over at Steam. Enjoy!