Vampire Survivors official key art with the logo

[Update]: Vampire Survivors Update 0.9 - The Flashy One has added Bosh Rush and even more toys to play around with

Barely any time has gone by since Patch 0.7.2 added a new map and bunch of new characters to play around with, and already the Vampire Survivors team has returned with a brand new batch of toys. Patch 0.7.3, also known as "The Posh One", brings with it a brand new character and weapon, as well as two new Arcanas to experiment with.

Best of all, you don't even need to unlock the new weapon La Robba in order to use it. The friendly merchant you can meet at the beginning of every stage (once you've unlocked him anyway) can sell it to you for a small bit of gold. La Robba essentially throws random bits of bouncing garbage at your enemies, which given enough buffs, can result in some hilarious moments where you get to watch death itself get repeatedly pelted with office furniture.

Another really fun thing about this update is the new Silent Old Sanctuary (XX) Arcana. You can unlock it by reaching minute 31 in the Dairy Plant map, and what it does is give you 3 Rerolls, Skips, and Banishes immediately, and then for each active weapon slot left empty you also get +20% Might and -8% Cooldown. Combine this with the new customization option that lets you choose how many weapons you can wield in a run, and you've got yourself the perfect recipe for some fun challenge runs.

The final thing worth mentioning is that Patch 0.7.3 has increased experience gains by 25% in Hurry mode. This is a rather big deal since the 15-minute Hurry mode has you carve through far less monsters than the usual 30-minute mode, so the 25% increase in experience gain should help bridge the gap and make both game modes close to equal in terms of difficulty.

That's pretty much it as far as the big changes are concerned. So have fun with the new toys, and I'll leave you with the brief teaser trailer: