Hob game screenshot of some overgrown ruins

Hob is an exploration-focused adventure that will have you solve a variety of puzzles in between beating up all of the indigenous life forms with your giant robo-fist. Most interestingly of all, Hob will have an ever-changing world that you will have to twist and reshape in order to access new areas or just open up new pathways in previous ones.

If you're wondering how exactly one can change the very surface of a planet with the single flick of a button, wonder no more as the developers have released a brief preview of the rather ominously sounding World Machine. Have a look:

On the other hand, if you've got around 25 minutes to spare and you're interested in seeing some straight up gameplay, you can find a developer guided preview by heading over here. The pace is a little bit slower than usual as the developers are explaining pretty much every little detail, but it should still give you a good idea of what Hob is all about.

If you prefer the written word, however, you can find out more about Hob on either the official website or Steam. As far as the release date is concerned, you can expect to see Hob on the PC and PS4 at some point in 2017, though no release date has been given just yet.

Hog screenshot of some lovely scenery