Official artwork for the Journey game

[Update]: After a year of exclusivity, Journey is coming to Steam as well.

Journey was originally a PlayStation 3 exclusive that released all the way back in 2012. As you might expect from the name alone, it was an exploration-focused adventure that was all about navigating a truly gorgeous world, taking in the sights, and slowly but surely piecing together the overall story. A relatively simple formula, but that didn't stop Journey from becoming a massive success from the moment it launched!

With that in mind, I am very happy to say that Journey will finally be coming to PC later this week, on June 6th. Here's what you can expect to see:

While I'm sure some of you won't be happy to hear Journey will be an Epic Games Store exclusive, it is worth mentioning that this is one of those times where the Epic Games Store is genuinely offering an amazing deal. Due to the massive sale that will be going on until June 13th, you will be able to grab Journey at $10 discount, which brings the price down to a mere $5. For a game as good a Journey, that is a steal! 

Whether you agree with me or not, you can learn a little bit more about Journey and check out some of its visuals, over at its store page.