The Falconeer official artwork with logo

[Update]: The Steam Game Festival has returned once more to showcase a bunch of new and upcoming indie games!

If you don't follow indie games all that frequently, yet you still like giving them a try if the concept seems unique enough, you might want to check out the newly launched Autumn Steam Game Festival. As the name would suggest, the Steam Game Festival is all about highlighting unique and interesting indie games, as well as giving players a chance to personally try many of them through the freely available demos.

The Steam Game Festival will last until October 13th, so you should have plenty of time to browse through the games and see if anything piques your curiosity. And if you have a bit of free time, you can also check out the various developer previews, gameplay overviews and interviews that will be streamed on a daily basis.

As far as recommendations are concerned, the one game I am particularly interested in is The Falconeer. To put it simply, The Falconeer is a dogfighting and exploration game where you get to ride around on a giant falcon as you soar across a rather stylish world. To be perfectly honest, I'd choose a dragon over a falcon any day of the week, but at least you get to take down some dragons along the way, so I suppose that'll do for now!

Whatever your interests may be, make sure to visit the Steam Game Festival, try out some of the demos, and hopefully discover a few more indie games to keep an eye on. Have fun!