Official artwork without logo for the game Graven

[Update]: Steam's April festival is all about First-person Shooter games of every variety.

If you're looking to expand your horizons and check out a bunch of strange and interesting games, you're in luck as the Steam Game Festival has just returned. To put it simply, the Steam Game Festival is a way for indie developers to showcase new and upcoming games, as well as interact with the Steam community through streams that are running pretty much constantly.

Best of all, the vast majority of these games have free demos available. So if you're even remotely interested in any of them, you don't have to just look at gameplay trailers to judge whether you'll like them or not - you can simply try them out yourself and see how it goes.

With that in mind, allow me to share a couple of games that have managed to catch my attention. They're all still in development so I have no idea how they'll actually end up, but so far they're certainly an interesting bunch. Here's the brief list:

• Graven
• Zero-Point
• Narita Boy
 Little Nightmares 2
• The Last Spell

To check out the rest of the indie games, as well as the entirety of the festival, you should head on over to Steam. Have fun with the games, and enjoy the festival until it goes away on February 9th!