Among Us official artwork for the Airship map

[Update #2]: Among Us VR has now been unleashed onto Steam VR, Meta Quest and Rift/Rift S.

[Update]: The Airship has now arrived, and it really is a massive map!

It may have taken a little while for the Innersloth team to get used to their new circumstances and the immense popularity of Among Us, but it seems that the difficulties have now been sorted out and new content will flow more regularly. In other words, we'll be getting a brand new map this March 31, 2021 - the Airship!

The Airship will not only be the biggest map in Among Us, but it will also be the very first one to allow you to pick which room you start in. Combine this with new navigation options like ladders and mobile platforms, both of which are perfect for a bit of sneaky-stabby action, and I have a feeling the Airship will be quite an action-packed map, especially once people get familiar with it.

As for what exactly the Airship looks like in action, that you can find out through the recently posted trailer. Have a gander:

And if you're curious about why it took Innersloth so long to release a brand new map, as well as what they're even spending their time on these days, you might want to check out the newest blog post. It's a pretty interesting behind-the-scenes look at what exactly their small team needed to overcome in order to make sure Among Us keeps chugging along smoothly despite its massive playerbase.

Enjoy, and once the update goes live I'll make sure to let you know.