Among Us official artwork for the Airship map

[Update]: Start practicing your swiping as Among Us is getting its very own VR version.

While it may have taken a fair bit of time to get here, I'm happy to say that Among Us has just received a chunky new map. The Airship is not only the biggest map released so far, and by a large margin, but it also brings with it a couple of nifty new features like the ability to choose where you spawn, mobility options such as ladders and moving platforms, as well as a whole bunch of new mini-games to mess around with after you get unceremoniously murdered.

Rather than babble on, allow me to share with you the latest trailer. It'll give you a pretty good impression of what the Airship looks like and just how large it truly is. Have a peek:

Now that some of the behind-the-scenes nonsense has been taken care of, the Innersloth team is also planning to release more frequent updates and developer blogs. First on the line is a comprehensive visual update with cleaner character lines and more fluid animation, closely followed by a larger lobby system that will support up to 15 players at once! So if you were wondering just why in the world the Airship so ridiculously big, that would be your answer!

When exactly these changes will arrive, however, I'm afraid nobody outside of Innersloth currently knows. Once that changes I'll make sure to notifty you. Until then, enjoy the madhouse that is the Airship!