Surgeon Simulator 2 screenshot of two doctors

[Update]: Surgeon Simulator 2 has just made its way to PC alongside a new multiplayer mode and level editor.

While the premise behind the original Surgeon Simulator was fairly stupid, the actual gameplay ended up being remarkably fun, especially once all of the updates rolled in and added a bunch of new content for free. If you share the sentiment, then you'll be glad to hear that Surgeon Simulator 2 will be coming on August 31st, 2020.

It'll bring with it a variety of new scenarios and surgeries to bungle up, co-op mode for up to four players in order to give your patients the least possible chance of survival, and most importantly of all, the ability to create and share your very own levels! While the details are still few and far between, you'll apparently be able to do everything the developers themselves are capable of, so I'm fully expecting to see absolute madness from day one.

Speaking of which, you can get a solid idea of what Surgeon Simulator 2 has to offer, as well as what the new improvements look like, through the recently posted trailer. Have a gander:

You can read more about Surgeon Simulator 2, as well as keep an eye on its progress, over at the official website.