Surgeon Simulator 2 screenshot of the wacky multiplayer mode

If you ever thought that Surgeon Simulator just wasn't chaotic enough, you might be happy to hear that the newly released Surgeon Simulator 2 has brought in a co-op mode for up to four players. Every doctor is the same and has exactly the same lack of competence and fine motor control, so whether the addition of new staff is a actually good thing for your patients will highly depend on how much they care about silly things like lungs and such.

As for what exactly all of this nonsense looks like in actual gameplay, that you can find out through one of the recent trailers. Have a gander, it'll clue you in quite nicely on just what Surgeon Simulator 2 is all about:

Besides co-op multiplayer, Surgeon Simulator 2 has added one more major new feature - a level editor! By slapping together a variety of hazards, rooms and challenges, you can create entirely unique levels that might even surpass some of the originals. And if you're like me and you're incapable of creating anything even remotely fun, worry not as you can download other people's levels and play them to your heart's content.

You can learn a little bit more about these features, as well as check out Surgeon Simulator 2 as a whole, over at the official website. Have fun, and do try not to lose at least every single one of your patients!