Streets of Rogue official artwork without logo

Streets of Rogue has received quite a few updates over the years, both in and out of Steam Early Access. However, as the scope of the game has expanded, adding new content has become trickier and trickier. Not only is there a whole bunch of interlocking systems that need to be kept in mind or else everything breaks, but fundamentally changing the actual gameplay is simply out of the question this long after launch.

The answer to this conundrum, as you might imagine, is a brand new sequel that can wipe the slate clean and really shake things up. With that in mind, I am pleased to say that the recently revealed Streets of Rogue 2 will be going in exactly that kind of direction! However, before you get too excited, it is worth mentioning that Streets of Rogue 2 is still incredibly early in its development.

"I don’t have a timeline for any of this," reads the official update. "My next steps are basically 'experiment with new tech and toy around with new systems'. It’ll be awhile before I have anything solid to show."

"What does this mean for Streets of Rogue? While my primary focus will be shifting a bit, updates will still be coming. Since the next game will be built off the same code base as the original, I’ll be continuing to fix bugs and make beneficial changes, with the probability of some new content along the way. Streets of Rogue is never finished!"

Even if everything goes perfectly, it'll likely be quite a while before Streets of Rogue 2 is in Steam Early Access, let alone fully finished. So while I'd recommend keeping an eye on it if you're a fan of roguelikes, I would avoid setting any expectations as we know pretty much nothing about it just yet.

Once more information becomes available, ideally alongside a gameplay trailer, I'll make sure to let you know. Until then, have fun with the original Streets of Rogue!