Terraria's party shack screenshot

Terraria has received all sorts of updates over the years. New monsters have been added, entirely new biomes with their own mechanics and enemies, unique bosses, and even a hard-mode for those that truly love to slice and dice slime. However, none of those updates have ever brought in the most important feature of them all, the one thing that ties it all together - parties!

Thankfully, with patch 1.3.2 that issue has now been rectified as a whole bunch of party accessories, blocks and mechanics have been added to make your in-game celebrations as jolly as they can be. There's also a couple of bug fixes, balance changes, and a massive rework of the chest management system in there as well, so even if you hate clowns you'll still have something to look forward to.

If you're interested in the full change log, simply head over to the official forums and scroll slightly down as the patch notes have been divided into categories.

With this relatively small update now out of the way, you'll be glad to hear that Re-Logic is now shifting their full attention to patch 1.3.3. While little is known about its contents or release date just yet, it will be a rather substantial update centered around the Underground Desert, an area that can already be nightmarishly difficult on hard mode, so its going to be interesting to see what the team does with it.

Terraria's bouncy house

Its a bouncy house!