Furi boss-battling game artwork for the Onnamusha expansion

In a sudden flash of inspiration, The Game Bakers team have decided to return to their 2016 boss-battling action game Furi in order to see what they can do to make the experience fresh and exciting, even for veteran players. The answer, as it turns out, is to create a brand new character that plays quite differently to the original one!

Onnamusha Rider, the one and only part of the newly launched Onnamusha DLC, is a powerful fighter that alternates between two different stances: one that's fast and agile and allows you to strike at the bosses in the rare few moments when they're not spewing attacks at you, and another that's slower yet significantly more lethal. Either way you'll be building up the special Star meter in the process, which can then be used to unleash a rather ridiculous amount of damage!

Since words alone aren't exactly the best at describing action-heavy games, allow me to share with you the gameplay trailer. It should give you a pretty good idea of just what Onnamusha Rider has to offer. Have a look:

As an additional little bonus, The Game Bakers team has also bundled all of the previous DLC and updates into the base version of Furi. So if you're a veteran returning to give the new character a try, you might just find a few other bits and pieces of extra content to mess around with!

You can learn more about the Onnamusha DLC, as well as check out the player reviews, over at Steam. Have fun dying over and over again!