Scorn screenshot of a gigantic alien heart

[Update]: Scorn has now finally arrived, though I'm afraid it has done so alongside some rather harsh criticism.

As the title would suggest, Scorn is an atmospheric first-person horror game set in a nightmarish universe that greatly reminds me of H.R. Giger's work, mostly notably the "Space Jockey" scene in Alien. Besides looking downright unsettling, Scorn is designed with exploration and passive storytelling in mind. In other words, expect to spend a lot of time roaming through its vast and interconnected world, slowly piecing together just how screwed your character truly is.

Since trying to explain an atmospheric horror game through words alone is ultimately a pointless venture, allow me to share with you the recently posted gameplay video. Its a little bit on the lengthy side, but it will give you a pretty damn good idea of what Scorn is all about and why exactly I'm comparing it to Alien. Have a look, its quite an interesting trailer:

The first part of Scorn has recently been funded on Kickstarter, though there are still five days remaining in the campaign, so if you feel like helping reach some of the stretch goals you know where to go. While the full release date hasn't been given just yet, I can tell you that the first part will be coming in 2018. As for the second, I'm afraid that one is still shrouded in mystery. According to the developers these two parts will represent the entire story, and there will be no DLC or expansions further down the line as there is simply no need for them.

If you are currently as intrigued as I am, you can find out more about Scorn by heading over to either the official website or Steam. There aren't that many details available just yet, but you should get a general idea of what to expect from Scorn. And finally, here's a couple of rather... fleshy images:

Scorn screenshot of an alien gateway shrouded in fog

Scorn screenshot of an atmospheric path and a giant weapon

Scorn screenshot of bizarre alien growths