Punch Club is getting a free expansion called The Dark Fist

Punch Club is a boxing tychoon/management RPG that came to prominence after the developers promised to release it early if, and only if, Twitch collectively managed to beat the it. As you might expect the entire game was ravaged within two days and the developers promptly released Punch Club on Steam in accordance to their promise.

Since then Punch Club has underwent many free patches and updates but the recently announced expansion is set to be the biggest one of them all. Here's what exactly will be coming with The Dark Fist:

The free expansion will feature a brand new storyline that revolves around a crime-detecting briefcase which prompts you to put on a mask and start the life of a superhero, as if there was any other choice. It will contain 3 hours of completely new content and will be easily accessible from the house.

Punch Club features a crime fighting briefcase

A magical briefcase would tie this room together much better than any old rug

Along with the new campaign will come cross-platformcloud saves. What this means is that you will be able to play Punch Club on your PC, quit at any point, and then continue from where you left off on your mobile devices and vice versa. A small, but very valuable feature.

Finally, once The Dark Fist releases you will be able to bet on fights using Twitch points. The developers have said that points gained from winning bets will be transferable in to actual, tangible goodies but what exactly that will entail they weren't willing to share just yet.

Punch Club: The Dark Fist will be releasing on March 8th for Windows, Mac & Linux while the iOS and Android versions will come on March 10th. It might not be the most complex management RPG in the world but Punch Club is a charming and nostalgic game that's well worth your time if you're in to such things.